Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Ideas and Treats

Enrichment was another wonderful success. It is so great to get away from all of our "to-do" lists and just enjoy being women and being together.
During the evening we learned how to make our own fortune cookies taught by Jennifer Farley. She did a great job giving us tips and tricks to do something special for those we care about.
Erin Rivard put together a presentaion that taught us how to make cake pops. What a quick and wonderful way to show someone we care.
And to top off the evening Jerilyn gave us another wonderful overview on how to use our powder milk in our food storage. She has incredible recipes that will help you use that powder and rotate through it. No more dreading opening a can with her help!!!
Thank you to all those who came out and to the wonderful ladies who helped pull off the night. A special shout out to the priesthood who helped with the kids so the women could enjoy an evening together.

Jennifer teaching the fortune cookie

Erin sharing her knowledge on the Cake Pop

Sister Hawkes and Sister Wade getting dirty making some "Pops"

Celeste and Lindsay learning the tricks and succeeding!

 Jerilyn working on the fortune cookie!!! Work it girl!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun Little Something Of The Week

Alright, here is something that maybe you can try for your next FHE if you have little kids. If you don't, think about maybe making them for another family and bringing it to them just because!

Bake cupcakes directly in an ice-cream cone. This is so much more fun and easier for kids to eat!